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Vidya Balan thinks, "Fitness is the First Priority"

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Mumbai : The bollywood's Uh-la-la girl gorgeous actress Vidya Balan is so serious about the fitness and she thinks that, Fitness is the first Priority. She is very carefully on the issues thay have related to health and fitness.

Vidha, who has had an uneasy relationship with her weight, revealed recently that a nutritionist she consulted during the making of Paa had, without giving her true and correct information, prescribed her weight loss pills (also known as fat-burners that accelerate the metabolic rate) which did aid her in shedding the kilos but in the long-term, also messed up her health.

According to the report 'Vidya Balan is among the rare few who have said it out loud, but there are several others who are happy to use the quickfixes for short term gains. Awareness of the damage such methods can wreak on one’s health are making celebrities in particular speak up on a range of health related matters just like Balan did.

Deepika Padukone’s drive against depression that oft cited reason held responsible for many a tragic and untimely suicide has brought the subject out in the open and made it a topic of conversation. Let’s hope that several others will join the health and fitness bandwagon for the betterment of not just their own selves but also for those who unquestioningly follow in their footsteps.

A lot of times, actors go under the knife, or on a crash diet and occasionally even hazard using steroids with or without complete knowledge of their side-effects. The result is not always a good one. although the actress has denied that it was caused by any such.

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