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Two booth's Re-polling goes today for Delhi Assembly Election

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New Delhi : Overseers deployed by the Election Commission decided to Re-polling of two constituency's polling booth after voting on Saturday that, Two polling booth will be Re-polls today, according to the schedule fixed, Voting will take place from 8am to 6pm today.

These booths are Booth No. 31 in DID Lines of Delhi Cantonment constituency and Rohtash Nagar's Booth No. 132 under Subhash Park constituency.

According to Election Commission officials, the repolling in the Delhi Cantonment booth will take place because the poll officials didn't delete the mock votes cast before polling began to check the electronic voting machine. 

After the completion of voting, it showed 55 extra votes being cast in the booth. The EVM was fitted Voter Verifiable Paper Audit (VVPAT) system.

After the mock polling, polling agents systematically checked EVMs whether the machines were signing the certificates correctly. It will be probed how the mistake happened despite the machine was working fine. It will also be probed presiding officer failed to notice it.

Meanhwile, the EVM in Rohtash Nagar was working fine. However, when the final count was made, it showed it recorded 40 votes less than the number of votes actually cast. Overseers that this might affect the result of the constituency.

Officials are making efforts to inform everyone in the areas about the EC's decision for repolling in the booths. Additionally, the cadidates are also being informed about it.

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