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Shikhar Dhawan says, Keeping calm under pressure is The key to success

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Perth : Indian Cricket team's batsman Shikhar Dhawan who has scored in two match of this Worl Cup that is 77 against Pakistan and and 137 against South Africa, after poor run of form in the Test and ODI tri-series Down Under, said he managed to come out of a lean patch by sticking to his strong work ethic.

Asked about what's that changed for him at the start of World Cup, the affable opener replied with a smile, "Just staying calm and working hard and keeping my work ethic strong."

"Of course, in international cricket, it's always a learning curve. I enjoy the journey rather than the destination, I think. So I was enjoying that phase of my life too and I learnt a lot," Dhawan said on the eve of the match against UAE at the WACA tomorrow.

The flashy left-hander said he only made a few minor changes to his technique, something which might not even be noticeable to the naked eye.

"I changed a few things, but not anything major. Just a few little things here and there. Maybe, you won't be able to see it. It's that little something. The main thing is to enjoy the batting."

Having been back among runs, Dhawan knows that he will be carrying extra confidence going into next game against UAE although any batsman at the start of an innings is circumspect.

"Yeah, of course, when you play back-to-back good innings, you get that extra confidence or edge when you go into the third innings. I feel it's a very normal thing. Whenever a batsman is going to start his innings, he always feels some hesitation. That's a very natural thing. I feel it all the time. It's a very normal thing."

Just like some of his teammates have said time and again, Dhawan also spoke about the impact that Team Director Ravi Shastri has had on the team.

"Of course, his presence is a big factor for our side. He's always given me lot of confidence, infused positivity, especially when I needed it. Ravi bhai has a strong presence and is one of the central voice of this support staff. If I score runs, it is because of my teammates and the support staff," the Delhi-lad said.

Asked about whether the bounce on offer at the WACA, will help his game, Dhawan answered, "Yeah, you can say that I've gotten used to the bounce finally (laughing)!"
"I have lot of shots and enjoy playing them whenever I get a chance. Whenever I get loose deliveries, I go for my shots. It's good to see it's going the way I want and I'm enjoying it, yeah."

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