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Shah Rukh Khan don't want to say anything about Budget

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Mumbai : The King Khan of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan who is presently busy with his new TV show 'India Poochega Sabse Shana Kaun' on &TV, don't want to say anything on budget. He finds it weird when actors are asked about the budget. 

"It is weird when people ask an actor about budget. Please do not ask me about it. I respect it. It is very important for our economy," replied the 49-year-old actor when asked to comment about the upcoming budget.

"I am sure that this year's budget will have something that will benefit our film industry... attracting people into business is very important part of budget," SRK told reporters during the press conference for his new TV show 'Sabse Shana Kaun?' on &TV.

Addressing the censor board controversy, the Happy New Year star said that the system of ratings should be improved so that creative freedom of filmmakers and artistes is not compromised.

"Some say it is freedom of expression and some say we are out in bad light. A bigger picture of censor board without differentiation should be brought in."

"If you have a generic rule for everything then it is going to be troubling... This discussion will continue for years but they should increase the rating system and introduce more rating," he added.

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