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Radhika Apte slammed the reports, nude selfie are fake

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New Delhi : Badlapur actress Radhika Apte had much earlier posted a tweet relating to the scandal after a day of nude selfie had gone viral on WhatsApp and any other social networking sites and they have looks like her.

Radhika has slammed the reports and terms the lady in the sleazy pics as her look alike. Radhika said on micro-blogging site Twitter, she wrote in a Tweet, " You guys! If you’re going to get someone to pass off as naked me, she needs to look a lot more like me."
The tweet was posted on Feb 4, which means around five days before the scandal started making rounds with the news in Media.

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Ever since these pictures went viral on the internet, certain section of the media reported saying that this leak was a publicity stunt by Radhika in order to promote her upcoming release, Badlapur, that has Varun Dhawan playing the main lead.

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