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Poonam Pandey trending on Twitter with #PoonamPandeyKoBulao hastag

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Model and actress Poonam Pandey who had promised To get undressed on the India's victory in the last World Cup, once again in the spotlight during the India vs South Africa match which is playing In Melbourne.

Actually, #Poonampandeykobulao is trending in top trends on micro-blogging site Twitter and users talking about it with using #PoonamPandeyKoBulao hastag.

So, Poonam Pandey has active on it and said in twitts, " What do you want me to do? #PoonamPandeykoBulao."
She also post a seminude pic in a twitt and said, " Wait! Getting Dressed ;) #PoonamPandeyKoBulao ... What Say? Xoxx http://t.co/zt8INIhF4Y."

"This Partnership needs to be broken. Wicket Wicket Wicket Wicket. #IndvsSA #PoonamPandeyKoBulao http://t.co/XmTe5YzzjZ."

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