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PM Modi asked to Kejriwal, 'Why do you have such a cough?'

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New Delhi : Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, whom were hitting target on each other, are now coming closer. Kejriwal who arrived first at home to meet Modi and now they had meet once again. This time special thing is that, Modi asked to Kejriwal the cause of cough. Further, he told a docter to him.

Actually, the PM and Delhi CM joined in At Home Reception of Delhi Police Commissioner BS Bassi, on Tuesday. Home Minister Rajnath Singh, PM Modi and Kejriwal were sitting together there. Meanwhile cough started to Kejriwal and Modi has asked to Kejriwal that, why do you have such a cough, how long has this problem?

Kejriwal reply that, this problem is since many year, sometimes decreases and sometimes increases. Then Modi told him about a doctor for treatment, who is live in Bangalore. 

Modi said to Kejriwal that, yon should take treatment from Dr. Nagendra in Bangalore, he is a chronic cough experts. I hope your cough problem will be definitely fine from him. Then Kejriwal also gave nod yes.

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