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National Sculpture Workshop at RU concluded today

National Sculpture Workshop at RU, Visual Arts Department, Rajasthan University, Kalavritt
Jaipur : 10 days National Sculpture Workshop- 2015 at the Visual Arts Department, Rajasthan University concluded today. Kalavritt dedicated this workshop to the founder Chairman Dr. M K Sharma ‘Sumahendra’. Himmat Shah, an eminent sculptor was the chief guest.

While talking to the participants, he said, “The real sculptor is one who create forms which itself speak.. there is no need of concept or narration, forms comes out spontaneously”. “We need diversified thoughts, not the eternal, ultimately it is the energy that works.” Presence of the senior fine art academicians like Prof. Chinmay Mehta,  Dr. Vidhyasagar Upadhyay etc enhanced the spirit of the participants.

In all there were 30 participants and each artist produced one sculpture in marble. All the sculptures were exhibited at the workshop site itself which is something different than the usual way of showing the art works in Gallery. The display gives the feeling that the art works are integral part of that specific site.

National Sculpture Workshop at RU, Visual Arts Department, Rajasthan University, Kalavritt
Chairman Kalavritt Sundip Sumahendra Sharma was thrilled by the fact that a great tradition of our stone carving is been revitalized in a new dimension. “You have lot of talents in Jaipur, who need exposure, Kalavritt is committed to formalize a vision plan to promote visual art in a systematic way and seeking public cooperation, and after all we are a forum of creative people.”

Although there are tremendous potentials in the field of sculpture, only a few are opting for a professional carrier in sculpture. Lack of understanding or a misunderstanding that sculpture studies means ‘traditional stone carving’ may be reasons behind, however there is void especially in the case of female sculptors in Rajasthan.

Cultural education is one of the least prioritized areas of the government and higher education/ universities.

How can a society grow without an understanding about its culture and arts and why do we only need technocrats?..asked Rajat Pandel the Head of the Department of Visual Arts.

“These kinds of workshops are essential for fine art studies, where students learn differently than in a class room.” It seems, there is a better future for the sculptors and they can contribute considerably for the betterment of the society; a society is not complete without it’s art.

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