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Hyundai India to discontinued Sonata in country?

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New Delhi : Hyundai flagship fourth generation sedan model worldwide the Sonata for the indian market which was introduced in India in 2001, has been reportedly discontinued although the sedan continues to be listed in the official website.

Although the current generation Sonata offered size, comfort and luxury, the South Korean manufacturer failed to make a mark in the D segment.

The premium luxury sedan with its elite design language inspired from Jaguar, gathered lots of appreciation. With the launch of the fifth generation Sonata, the luxurious charm got subdued due to its simplistic exteriors. It also had a diesel engine but not many buyers were keen on diesel cars that time. 

Later in 2012, Hyundai launched the sixth generation Sonata with scintillating styling but no diesel engine option, which was a big letdown and due to the poor demand, Hyundai has now discontinued the Sonata.

The Korean carmaker managed to sell only 10 units a month on an average. Hyundai doesn’t find it feasible to continue sales of the Sonata with poor demand and is currently focusing on the lower end of the market for big volumes. 

The Hyundai Sonata looks quite attractive and rich with the fluidic design philosophy. On the inside too, the luxurious yet up market layout catches many eyeballs. It is loaded with equipment including ventilated seats, seat warmers, rain sensor, headlamp washer, etc.

Hyundai’s latest generation Sonata, launched overseas features the automaker’s Fluidic Sculpture 2.0 design philosophy. While the design language’s first iteration focused more on a car’s aesthetics and comfort, the new ideology laid emphasis on exterior refinement and driving dynamics. 

Sporting a far more retrained body, the new Sonata bore the mark of a grown up sedan as opposed to the loud, self asserting presence of the 2013 model.

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