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Gtalk Messenger to Shut down on February 16th and will be replaced by Hangouts

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Popular chat messenger of Google Gtalk will be no more operational after February 16th because now google plans to take down it once and for ever on 16th of February, if reports are anything to go by.

While the messenger has become very popular amongst millions of users its not that Google is putting end to its Messenger services but is upgrading it to Google Hangouts Messenger services for Windows users.

Millions of users, who have been using Gtalk messenger since a long time, will now have to switch over to the Hangout service irrespective of whether they like it or not.

Hangout popularly known as the “Google Hangouts” is an instant messaging and video chat platform developed by Google. It is the future of the company and hence taking down Gtalk is the most logical thing Google could do now.

it will be replaced by the new Hangouts app. So, one has to switch from Gtalk to its Hangout even if one likes or not. Although Google introduced Hangout sometime back, not many have transferred to it as millions of users have been using the Gtalk for long-time and become comfortable using it.

In a move to compel such users, Google is now going to bring down the services of Gtalk. After closing down social networking site Orkut on Sep 30, 2014, Google now seems to close the operations of Gtalk too. 

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