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Google celebrates the World Cup session with it's Doodle

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Adelaid : As the ICC Cricket World Cup is being celebrated all over the world, the world's number one search engine Google marked the beginning of the cricket World Cup with a new colourful doodle on its homepage. 

India face Pakistan on February 15 in a Group B match at the Adelaide Oval and before a day ahead of it Google has rolls-out the doodle for this match.

Google's creative doodle shows flags of both the nations in the background and a total of six players with each three representing the two countries in the foreground.

The fans from both the countries are anxiously looking forward to a high-octane game between the two countries.

Valentine's Day may be of prime importance around the world - but to the cricket-loving nations February 14 marked the start of the World Cup.

Thus, Google has changed only its search pages in the United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia, India and New Zealand, while the rest of the world will see a Valentine's Day doodle showing how technology connects us together.

Fourteen teams are competing for the World Cup, including first-timers Afghanistan. The final of the mega event will be played March 29 in Melbourne.

A total of 49 matches will be played between February 14 and March 29.

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