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DS Group enters Candy segment with ‘Pass Pass PULSE’

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Jaipur : DS Group entered the Candy segment with launch of Pass Pass ‘Pulse’ in Jaipur today, thus expanding its confectionary portfolio. ‘PULSE’ is a Kachcha Aam flavoured hard boiled candy, with a tangy twist. 

Taking a cue of coming closer by sharing happiness in our lives,  from the umbrella brand Pass Pass, PULSE is positioned on touching the pulse with friendship. Be it making new friends or maintaining existing friendship, the brand seeks to be the reason behind it. 

The launch in Rajasthan will soon be followed by launches in other parts of the country. The new candy is not a mere candy but an experience of flavours combined with the gesture of sharing. It is available in pillow pack at the cost of Rs.1 per pack.

Shashank Surana, Senior General Manager, New Product Development, DS Group, said, “We are committed to creating innovative and exciting flavours that appeal to our Indian customers. Pulse encompasses a dynamic taste of Kachcha aam with a surprise tangy twist in it. ‘Pulse’ is an exciting new powder filled candy in the segment, giving it a requisite differentiation of flavour in the segment."

"Hard boiled candies are growing at the rate of 9% with a total market size Rs. 1800 crores, therefore validating our decision to enter the segment. The future will see us launching many more exciting & innovative flavors that will offer our consumers a delicious option for a candy and an experience of pristine blend of  flavors filled with positivity.” He added.

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