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Balaji Production's 'XXX' to the first youth erotica of the country

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Mumbai : After churning out edgy, young films like 'Love Sex aur Dhokha' and 'Ragini MMS-2', the next number of Balaji Production will be reportedly 'XXX' and it will the first youth erotica of the country. Directed by Ken Ghosh, XXX will be a compilation of six stories based on sex and erotica.

With the shocking and suggestive title, the producers sure have the youth's attention, however, producer Shobha Kapoor has decided not to put her name on the credits of the film

According to sources who have worked on XXX, the lady thought it was best not to include her name given the risque content of the film. Given that Shobha along with daughter Ekta Kapoor have managed to make the company into one of the biggest names in the business of production.

Says the source, "The content of the film is staying true to the premise of erotica, while it is a subject that is intriguing to all, it is something no one feels comfortable seeing around your parents so it's completely understandable that Mrs. Kapoor felt it best to keep away from it. She has been there as a producer in every possible way. We are more than glad about that."

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