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Sushil Kumar roped in as 'State Icon' for the Election Campaign

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New Delhi : The poll panel of Delhi Assembly Election has replaced cricketer Virat Kohli, who was state icon in the last Delhi Assembly and Lok Sabha elections, with Sushil this time for encourage people, especially youths, to cast their votes in the February 7th.

The Chief electoral officer Chandra Bhushan Kumar said, "We have roped in wrestler Sushil Kumar for the campaign as a state icon of Delhi. Youth is inspired by Sushil Kumar and they will come out to cast their votes in the upcoming Assembly elections if he appeals to them," Chandra Bhushan Kumar, Chief E

According to Election Commission, 1,33,09,078 voters will be eligible to exercise their franchise in the upcoming election. There will be 11,763 polling stations across the national capital. 

Bhushan also urged voters to take a part in election process and ensure that the candidates with impeccable credentials are elected. 

On being appointed "state icon", Sushil Kumar said that he would encourage voters, especially youth, to cast their votes. 

"I am very happy to be appointed state icon of the Delhi EC. Whenever I have time, I will definitely campaign and encourage voters," Sushil told reporters here. 

The official also said a campaign will be launched in Metro and DTC's buses to encourage voters to cast their votes. 

On the occasion of National Voter's Day, the CEO presented State Awards to Additional CEO Neeraj Bharti for best electoral practice and also presented awards to Booth Level Officers (BLOs) of Delhi for outstanding work at grass root level. 

In these elections, indelible ink will be used with brush. 

Bhushan also administered voter's pledge to the gathering of officials to uphold the democratic tradition and dignity of free, fair and peaceful election.

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