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Shah Rukh Khan becomes 1st Indian On Twitter Video

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Mumbai : The King Khan of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan is most Active persons on Micro-blogging site Twitter for many years and now he has become the first Indian to try out Twitter's new feature of Twitter Video. Twitter recently announced that it will be introducing a new feature which allows users to capture, edit and share videos right from the site.

While previously, the tweets could only have a maximum of 140 characters, the new feature called Twitter's mobile video camera allows Twitter users has broadened the limitations a bit.

SRK said in a statement about the Twitter video feature, "Twitter has always come up with some very interesting features and I am very glad that they look into the suggestions made to them as well. This mobile video camera of Twitter is something I am definitely going to enjoy using often." He also tried for use this feature by twitting a Video. Just Take a look :

Rishi Jaitly, Market Director, India and South-East Asia said, "Shah Rukh Khan has always been setting global standards for how not just actors but all public figures connect with their followers using technology."

He said, "SRK was the first Indian to use Twitter audio card to send voice messages on Twitter, and is now the first Indian to use Twitter’s mobile video camera to delight and connect with his audience in a way they’ve never experienced before."

"In fact he had shared with all Twitter engineers his wish-list of being able to connect with his fans on Twitter using both audio and video, when he visited our Head Quarters in San Francisco. And we were more than delighted to take his suggestion into consideration.” He added.

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