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Salim Khan says, 'I deserve more than a Padma Shri'

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Mumbai : The 79-year-old Renowned scriptwriter in the industry of Hindi Cinema and bollywood actor Salman Khan's father Salim Khan refused to accept the Padma Shri award conferred to him by the Indian government, saying that it's too late for the government to acknowledge his contribution in the field of cinema. 

Salim Khan asserted that he deserved more than that and it was also too late to honor him with the award as his junior and former partner Javed Akhtar already won both Padma Shri and the Padma Bhushan long back. He also claimed that earlier government ignored his work and his contribution to Hindi cinema. Therefore, he refused to accept the award.

Salim Khan said to mirror that "Refused is too harsh a word since I have nothing against the awards. I just think that after 55 years and over 40 films, I deserve more than a Padma Shri for my contributions to Hindi cinema, given that my juniors have already got it years before. Even my earstwhile partner, Javed Akhtar, has received both a Padma Shri and a Padma Bhushan."

Salim Khan believes that the award does not match with his work and status, considering his outstanding contribution to Hindi cinema.

He said, "For years, the central government has ignored me, honouring a number of my peers as well as juniors in the industry. Some three days ago, when I heard that my name is on the Padma awards list, I thought that I'm finally getting what I deserve. But when I came to know that the ministry has chosen me for Padma Shri, I felt it does not match my status and work."

"I am thankful that the present government thought about me, while the previous ones had ignored me. But tell me if someone of my stature should accept Padma Shri that has come so late?" He added.

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