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Lady Gaga reminds of Kim Kardashian's Paper Mag photos

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Washington : The famous singer Lady Gaga posted some nearly-NSFW pics on her account of social networking site for pics Instagram on Sunday to show off how she does yoga - in her thong as only Lady Gaga would. Lady Gaga is clearly feeling regret for a slice of pizza that she ate during a wild Saturday night that isn't part of her new diet, she pointed out.

In her first yoga snap, she comments that she's telling "last night's pizza whose boss" and looks like she also has some great form.

The image posted on Instagram, show the 28-year-old year pop star, sticking her bum in only a tiny thong and bra top, captioned "Time to tell last night's pizza whose boss. Yoga with @triciadonegan #findthepinkdrop," E! Online reported.

In another snap, Gaga bends over and grabs her ankles and flashing her bare butt and writing "Lower Eastside Yoga. The only sandwich I'll be eating today is this one."

Earlier this month, the 'Applause' star had also shared a bootylicious photo of herself after a wild night writing "Starting my day off feeling strong, gotta sweat out the whiskey from last night's jam session. And can u spot my abandoned weave? Bang front 6 oclock!!! Thank u@triciadonegan."

Gaga had also shared videos of her and her friends doing a pole dancing workout.

It's the 28-year-old's next pose though that reminds us of Kim Kardashian's Paper Mag photos as Gaga is showing off her whole booty.

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