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Kelly Brook says 'I am completely single at the moment'

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London : The Piranha 3D actress Kelly Brook has recently confirmed that she is single and finally a good judge of character amid the latest rumors stating that she is romances with the likes of Jason Statham, Billy Zane and David McIntosh.

Brook told The Mirror that the older people get the more they realize that they know nothing about relationships, the Daily Express reported.

Her love life has been more dramatic than any of her B-movie roles. With three failed engagements and a love-rat ex, Kelly Brook has found herself on the wrong side of heartbreak all too often.

It would be easy for her to just blame her exes, but Kelly thinks it’s all down to her being “too judgmental”.

From the outside looking in it seems that a little more judgement, not less, wouldn’t have gone amiss. But that only goes to prove Kelly’s other recent epiphany – that she’s clueless about men.

Observers could have passed on that message more than a decade ago. But better late than never.

Her most recent relationship, with heavily tattooed ex Gladiator and underwear model David McIntosh, was on-again off-again for months but now appears to be finally over. “I’m completely single at the moment,” she says.

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