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I am a really big fan of Shakira : Mark Zuckerberg

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New York : When asked at a town hall meeting in Colombia Wednesday why Facebook continues to operate in countries that may restrict freedom of speech, Mark Zuckerberg brought the focus back to the reason why he founded the social network.

“This gets to the heart of our mission. We want to help connect everyone and give people a voice,” Zuckerberg said.

The CEO, who started Facebook when he was 19, said a government passing a law restricting speech should not get in the way of people in the country still being able to connect with friends and family.

“I really deeply believe we are best serving the world…by continuing to push for as much expression as possible,” Zuckerberg said. He added that Facebook does push back when it is asked by governments to filter something.

Zuckerberg was in Colombia to announce the Internet.org app that will be released in the country, providing mobile users free access to basic online services without having to purchase a data plan.

It was his first visit to the South American country, and Zuckerberg charmed the crowd by telling them he was already well-versed in one of Colombia’s biggest exports: Shakira.

“I’m a big fan of Shakira,” he said when asked what he knew about Colombia before his visit. “I’m a really big fan. I don’t speak Spanish but I like her Spanish music.”

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