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Farah Khan claims she is not worried about the comparison of Salman Khan

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Mumbai : Choreographer and filmmaker Farah Khan, who will host the TV reality show Big Boss Halla Bol said, "Sometimes even i get scared by dabang star Salman Khan.The Happy New Year director said she will maintain her individual style and not emulate the Bollywood superstar. 

"Comparisons are inevitable but I don't let it affect me. Salman was great as a host. He is honest, spontaneous and candid, something which the format of Bigg Boss requires. But I will not copy his style, I would be myself. I will have fun and add humour in my hosting," Farah said.

Bigg Boss season eight will crown its five champions today, following which an extended segment Bigg Boss Halla Bol will be launched on January 4, to be hosted by Farah. The one-month special series will have five contestants from previous seasons, Mahek Chahal, Ajaz Khan, Rahul Mahajan, Sana Khan and Sambhavna Seth, as challengers and will compete with the champions for the title.

Farah said she has exchanged a few messages with Salman about the show but they are not making it a big deal. Farah said she has been suggesting the makers of the show to come up with a small series consisting of the most interesting contestants from all seasons. 

"It was my idea of the best of all seasons to compete in one series but I did not know they will do it with season eight itself and will have its five contestants battling out with five old contenders. I am more than happy to be a part of it as I am a Bigg Boss junkie," she said. 

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