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Bharti Airtel partners with Nokia for 4G services in Delhi soon

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New Delhi : You will get to experience the company’s ultrafast 4G services soon, If you are a subscriber of Airtel and residing in National Capital New Delhi. After roll out of the service you can do much more than just live streaming of videos. 

Although Airtel already offers 4G services in some cities. Bharti Airtel, is all set to launch 4G services in New Delhi, which is likely to cater to a host of your daily needs. It will help working couples talk live with children and elders at home using CCTV, and even keep a close watch on the house when the family is out holidaying.

Sources in Airtel said all technical tests have been completed, and the company was awaiting regulatory clearance, which is expected by mid-March. It may also roll out limited 4G services before commercial launch in 2015

Bharti Airtel, on Tuesday commissioned Nokia Networks to expand its 4G presence to six new circles using Nokia Networks’ radio network. The deal marks India’s first FDD-LTE deployment on 1800 MHz that will witness the launch of super-fast mobile broadband in 6 circles. 

Nokia Networks, already a supplier of Bharti Airtel’s TD-LTE network, will also deploy TD-LTE on the 2300 MHz in 2 other circles.

“With our commitment to build an efficient internet ecosystem in India, we continue to introduce new technologies and strengthen our existing capabilities. Having already launched the high-speed 4G services across four circles of India, we are now looking at extending this enriching high-speed broadband experience to new circles on 1800 MHz band. Our association with Nokia Networks will help us support our vision and provide a superior 4G network,” said Abhay Savargaonkar, CTO, Bharti Airtel.

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