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Arvind Kejriwal promised for free education till class 12th

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New Delhi : The leader of AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) Arvind Kejriwal promised that he will ensure free education till class 12th in all government schools and 500 new schools will be open if AAP is voted to power in the upcoming Assembly polls. 

Kejriwal said, "Free education would be given in the all government schools till class 12 across the national capital. We will also open 500 new government schools in the city."

The AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal also promised to revamp the schools making them fit even for children of "MLAs and ministers". 

"When we come to power, we will revamp all government schools in the national capital in such a manner that even MLAs and ministers will send their kids to those schools," he said. 

The former Delhi chief minister was speaking at a well- attended rally at Ambedkar Nagar constituency here. 

Later, addressing a rally at Malviya Nagar constituency, he reiterated Kiran Bedi would be made a "scapegoat" by BJP after the party's "defeat" elections. 

"I respect Kiranji a lot but why she is not able to understand such a small thing that this is a conspiracy of BJP to project her as Chief Minister so that they can blame her for the party's defeat in the elections," he said. 

Kejriwal said BJP was baffled by the low turnouts in the rallies addressed by its MPs. 

Kejriwal claimed that "BJP leaders and its pool of 200 MPs have failed to pull the masses in their rallies in Delhi. Even Modi's rally was super flop."

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