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Amitabh Bachchan d'nt like the title of 'I hate Bollywood' book

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Mumbai : The megastar of Bollywood Amitabh Bachchan who know as Big-B, recently unveiled eminent film journalist Rohit Khilnani's book 'I hate Bollywood' at an event held in Mumbai.

"I am thankful to Khilnani for inviting me here for the release of his book. Rohit couldn't have chosen a better title of this book because it goes with my feelings because I hate the word Bollywood," Bachchan praised Khilnani's work and said on the occasion of i hate bollywood book launching.

"However, after going through some pages of the book on my way here I would like to ask him whether the main protagonist is him or not. Many incidents that he has mentioned in the life of this character are indeed quiet similar to some of the experiences that many journalists have with film stars and I wish him all the best.

He has been very humble and extremely kind gentleman. Most of his episodes with me have been most generous and sometimes it's difficult for journalists to do this but I must thank him for this. I wish this book all success", added the 72-year-old actor.

The book is a debut fiction by Khilnani, who has hosted shows such as 'E-Tonight' and 'Sports and Entertainment Quarter', and 'Star Trek'.

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