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'Under The Sky' selected at Sharjah International CFF

Mumbai : Ahsan Bakhsh Productions' film for children 'Under The Sky' has been selected at the Sharjah International Film Festival. This film has been written and directed by Ahsan Bakhsh. It is a story about a 12 year old boy who lives in a village near the borders of India and Nepal. 

The story of the film is based on the constant battle between superstition and orthodoxy and science and reason, taking the instances of both from his father and grandfather, respectively, how this boy brings about a change in society.

This film features Swapnil Vijay, Pratibha Pant, Anurag Anand, Priyanshu Palriya, Vaidehi Palriya, Suresh Sharma, Kailash Kandpal, Sunil Pant, Devki Nandan Bhatt, Kedar Palriya, Raju Pandey, Jugal Pant and Ankur Jaiswar among other artists.

Prior to this children's film, Ahsan Bakhsh has directed a short film called Aakhiri Munadi which has been appreciated and applauded at various international film festivals. Having learnt the tiniest of details and ways of acting from the NDC, Ahsan has also acted in films like Mangal Pandey, Billu Barber, Paap and Jai Santoshi Ma.

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