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Annu Kapoor Missing!

Mumbai : Where is the famous Antakshri anchor and actor Annu Kapoor? His film Badlapur Boys' release date is fast approaching but he seems to be missing from its promotions. Is the Badlapur Boys team upset with its coach, or is it the other way round? Or maybe Annu is too busy.

"Recently, when the film's music was launched by Dharamji (Dharmendra), I personally went to invite Annu for the event, but he didn't turn up.", says Satish Pilangwad, the film's producer about Annu Kapoor not being a part of its promotions.

7 November will see the release of two of Annu Kapoor's films, one being The Shaukeens, which is the remake of yesteryear film Shaukeen, in which he plays the role of a lovestruck senior citizen who goes onto wooing a much younger lady, and the other film is Badlapur Boys, produced under the banner of Karrm Movies, this film is based on the true to the roots game and spirit of Kabaddi.

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