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(Photos) Nisha Yadav has posed in the buff for an NGO

Mumbai : Nisha Yadav has donned her birthday suit or rather in simple words gone nude or rather almost nude. But this time it is for a good cause. At least that’s what Nisha Yadav says.

Nisha says she has posed in the buff for an NGO  Eco-friendly and Green Films Forum of India (EFGFF) for short reports Bollywood news portal IndyaNewz.com. So let’s hear her out.

According to Nisha Yadav as reported by this portal, India is the biggest producer of motion pictures or simply cinema-scope films. So far so good. But, all if not most of the productions care a damn for the environment.

She add, "Thousands of plastic bottles are strewn at the shooting venues after the shoot is over. Cigarette butts, tissue paper, used beer bottles and other garbage is littered all around."

Says Nisha Yadav, “Production houses normally use 500 ml and 1 litre water bottles. These plastic bottles, thermacol plates, plastic spoons and other non-bio-de-gradable garbage is left behind most of the time or just dumped by catering contractors in a pit dug nearby.

Production houses are known to litter exotic locations, riversides, beaches and other places of interest with tones of garbage. To add to this, there is a huge wastage of drinking water on the sets and similarly a huge wastage of electricity, says Nisha Yadav speaking to portal, Actors and make-up artistes do not switch off the air-conditioning in make-up rooms and vanity vans.

Lights are also left on and very often music too is playing at full, blast in make-up and vanity vans. This is a huge loss and damage to the environment, says Nisha Yadav who is campaigning for the Lucknow-based NGO.

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