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Sex is just like one night stand : Nisha Yadav

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Mumbai : The bold and sexy actress Nisha Yadav, who has known as a strip queen in glamour world like Sherlyn Chopra, Rozlyn Khan, Poonam Pandey and many more others. So can you guess that what she thinks about the Sex? Nisha Yadav thinks about it  that, "Sex is just like one night stand."

Yes, you heard right. She thinks that sex is just link one night stand. Nisha who is well known as the darling of the media, sort of disappeared from the media glare for about a year, and reappeared in 2013 as India’s first and only bikini DJ to perform at an exclusive “do” in Goa.

In an interview she explained her name and said that, "My name is Nisha, which means night but you can say it for me 'the queen of night', strewing the moonlight in nights is my work. I always like to speak frankly. I had a desire to come in the movies since childhood, so i had always listen the hottest songs and dancing with them."

She further added that, "However, i do very bold and hot scenes in the carrier, but i have not forgotten my culture. I don't drink and i hate it. Cricket is my all time favorite game. Yes, of-course it's true that some of my acts are very hot, but nowadays it all have to do for stay in the industry."

When she asked that, if you get a film with Emraan Hashmi then will you accept it? She replayed, "Defiantly, why not. He is a very talented actor and who would not want to work with him. If i get any film with him, then i can say openly that i'll do my best to that film and i haven't any problem with kissing scene also.

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